Our Spring herd breeding season begins April 15th and lasts for 60 days.  Thirty days post breeding we collect blood samples that are used for Biopryn pregnancy confirmation.  The cows, with their previous years' calf at side, spend the Summer grazing.  During the first week of October the calves are weaned and pastured on a mixture of Native grass and Winter Wheat with access to Bermuda and Alfalfa hay for the rest of the Fall and Winter months.  The cows are given a rest during this time with all of their energy used to grow a new baby calf.  After all, it won't be long before those January/February calves start hitting the ground!  As Spring comes around the now yearling calves are grazing fresh growing Native grass and provided mineral supplements as they convert grass into gains.  This continues throughout the Summer.  As grasses start to go dormant in the Fall we begin the finishing process.  Our steers are finished on grain and given full access to pasture as well as hay for 180 days.  At 20-22 months of age they are taken a short distance away where they are slaughtered and provided as packaged meat to you.  We believe a happy animal is a healthy one and do not confine them during the finishing stage.  This keeps them calm, clean, and stress free.