Skyview RII began in 2001 when my now wife, Gretchen, accepted a basketball scholarship from Baker University.  I quickly transferred to join her and played baseball for Baker the following three years.  It was on the baseball field where I met Jerod Rigdon.  Jerod grew up on the farm raising cattle, cutting hay in the summer, and operating a dairy with his dad.  To this point I had only dreamed of the farm life.  We finished college and both moved back to our respective homes, a mere 1.5 hours from each other.  Over the years, Jerod grew his herd, and I began raising English Setters for hunting and competition, as well as family companions.  In 2012, I bought my first dairy cow from Jerods' dad, as they decided to begin scaling back that part of the farm, and I began an interest in sustainable farming.  While I didn't grow up on a farm, I did have the luxury of the land that makes up a farm.  I quickly became accustomed to hand milking and raising calves for beef.  Both our families had grown with Jerods' three children and four of my own.  During that time, my dad started talking about different foods and the health associated with some of them.  I started looking for better food options.  That search led me to a cattle breed called Red Wagyu(Akaushi).  This breed boasts superior carcass traits and health benefits, things not normally associated with red meat.  Jerod and I began discussing the potential health benefits of the breed, and how it might fit into what we were already doing.  A "couples" vacation to Las Vegas nearly sealed the deal.  Jerod wanted the best steak Vegas had to offer, so the two of us and our wives headed to the restaurant.  Wouldn't you know that on the menu was a Wagyu A4 ribeye.  He ordered it and we both gushed over the tenderness and melt in your mouth sensation.  And this was supposed to be healthy?  After returning home, I continued to research our options and found a local steak house now serving Akaushi steak.  This time we had an Akaushi strip steak.  We inspected the cut before it was cooked acknowledging the advanced marbling of the breed.  Just like before, we were not disappointed when it came time to eat it.  At that point it was decided that we would venture into the intrigue of what is Red Wagyu(Akaushi) cattle.  We welcome you into the family fold.